Here's what reviewers are saying about 7 Brides for 7 Texans:

"Yeehaw! Have fun reading these fun stories!!A wonderful set of seven stories that are cohesive together. All the writers did a fabulous job of maintaining each story to piggyback with each others story. You will fall in with each story and each Hart brother as they discover their wives by the end of the year!" ~ Regina, via Goodreads

"This book grabbed my attention and held tightly onto it from the very beginning with author Erica Vetsch setting the scene around the dining room table in the Prologue, through each authors story of one a Hart brothers looking or not looking for a wife, to the very end with Erica Vetsch's Epilogue. To say that I LOVED this book would be an understatement. I began reading it one afternoon, stayed up all night to finish it and have since read it again. This collection by seven authors reads like one great big novel." ~ Andrea, via Goodreads

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book about the seven Hart brothers set in 1874 Texas! All named after famous Texans, their unique personalities gave each story a distinct flavor of its own; from the charming Hays, the youngest brother and first to get married, to the oldest, steady responsible Austin. When they gathered together, they showed how a family can love and support each other, even with their differences. Each story built on the one before it, so the book flowed well and felt like a full length novel, complete with a satisfying wrap up at the end. Some action, danger, suspense and tender romances, plus a bit of faith, made this an outstanding set of novellas!" ~ Karen, via

"I absolutely loved this collection of short novels. There's just enough intrigue in each one to keep the reader engaged and there's enough romance to satisfy my heart. Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a HUGE family reunion." ~ Becky at Becky's Book Addiction

"Fabulous collection! Not only are they 7 Texans but brothers! A whole book about one family! It's so great to see the different characters from different perspectives and see what happens to them after the I do. I love how with the 7 brothers you get to see each one from his brides perspective, his unique characteristics and personality. Often in romances, especially Christian ones, all the characters sound all alike... handsome, kind, generous, helpful with some kind of insecurity. I loved that while all these guys are great, they all are different! Couldn't put this series down and it didn't disappoint!" ~Rebekah via Goodreads

"This is one if my favorite Barbour collections yet. I enjoyed every one of the stories and can not pick a favorite. 5 plus stars."  ~ Amy, via Goodreads

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