Brothers and Brides

Meet The Hart Brothers and their Brides!

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Austin Hart, (34) is the oldest of seven brothers. He’s 6’2” with black hair, which he keeps cut short, and dark brown eyes. He was injured during the war, and as a result, limps when he’s tired and in pain. He’s a leader, tough, decisive, and protective of family and their land. His brothers may say he’s bossy at times, but they respect him and his leadership as second in command of the Hart family. He’s never dwelt much on his own needs, but instead, considers the needs of the family, which is why, at 34, he isn’t married. He wouldn’t mind having his own family, but he doesn’t have time to find a wife—at least until Pa issues the ultimatum. The ranch is all he’s ever known, and he can’t lose it. So marry, he will. One way or another.

Rebekah Evans, (26) has dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a fair complexion. She has a younger, identical twin sister named Jenny. While Jenny is lively, flirty, and sometimes moody, Rebekah is calm, organized, and sensible. She has never married, although she is currently engaged to a man she doesn’t love, due to circumstances of life. After their parents died, the twins moved in with their elderly aunt. But she recently died, leaving them nearly destitute. Marrying seems the only choice for them. Rebekah has come to Texas to attend Jenny’s wedding to Austin Hart. Then she plans to return to home and marry. At least she will be content that her sister has married well. If only she could say the same for herself.

James Bowie Hart (33)is the second of seven Hart brothers. He is capable and tough, 6’ 4”, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. He moves quietly, and he carries a Henry rifle with him at all times. He favors a chambray shirt tucked into cavalry-twill pants, and high cavalry-style boots. He wears a bull-hide jacket that is scarred from busting cattle out of brush. Bowie went to war with his brothers and was part of General Hood’s Texas Brigade. Bowie was injured at Gettysburg and captured, losing his left eye and suffering black-powder burns on his face and neck. He spent the duration of the war in Elmira Prison in New York. He wears a black eye-patch, and keeps his hair long, letting it swing over his face to hide his burns. His greatest fear is being helpless again and at the mercy of others - vulnerable. He doesn’t want help from anyone, though he willingly gives help to his brothers. He is used to people turning away from him when they see the scars. He avoids town as much as possible, spending his time training cattle dogs and cutting horses. He believes he is somehow less than his brothers because of his scars, and consequently believes he is unworthy to be loved. 

Elise Marie Rivers (30) was a nurse during the Civil War. Compassionate and optimistic, even though she's had little to be optimistic about in her life, she finds joy in little things. Not afraid of hard work, used to getting by on very little, she is starved for love. All her adult life she has been told that nobody would want someone like her for a wife, so when the opportunity arises to escape her old life and marry one of her former patients, she takes it. Elise has a storehouse of love built up, and she's just waiting for permission to share it. Jasmine is her signature scent.

Dr. William Travis Hart (31) is 5’11’’ with black, wavy hair, and brown eyes flecked with gold. He’s even-tempered and reserved, except when dealing with medical emergencies. His patients appreciate his quiet, calming demeanor, especially small children and the elderly. He can be tough when the situation calls for it, maintaining unflappable professionalism amidst the gore of the Civil War, where he served as a medic. Now, he works in Hartville as town doctor, as well as helping with the ranch when he can. He’s not the sort to flirt with girls for sport, and is definitely a “one woman” type of man. Unfortunately for him, that one woman is Annie Parker-Lawrence, a woman he’s always known as promised to another. Some of his brothers might have called him bookish in their growing up years—but if they had a black eye or pocketknife wound, they’d go running for his help!

Annie Lawrence (27) is the daughter of Brock Parker—a local ranch owner who has aspirations to rise above his reduced circumstances. He does so by marrying off his daughter to a wealthy young man, Stuart Lawrence, during the Civil War. A dutiful daughter, Annie married the man her father chose for her, but her love has always belonged to Travis Hart. Stuart dies during the war and Annie lives away from Hartville for several years, raising her son, Robbie. She returns as a trained midwife and prepares to set up practice. She doesn’t expect to be reunited with Travis…nor does she expect the sparks of their attraction to be set aflame once more.

Sam Houston Hart, (30) the fourth of the seven Hart brothers, is five feet ten inches tall, with clear blue eyes and dark brown hair that is often slightly mussed, just the way Coralee Culpepper likes it. Not only is Houston the shortest of the lot, but he doesn’t share his family’s enthusiasm for cattle ranching. Because he felt like he didn’t fit, he left Texas for California years before, where he ran a successful hardware store. His father’s edict has brought him back. Eager to prove that he’s home for good—and prove to Coralee that he’s changed—Houston drives himself hard. He has a generous nature, but he’s humble and doesn’t make his good deeds known. He’s as compassionate as his late mother, a trait that comes to light unexpectedly, resulting in the hope that Coralee might be able forgive him for leaving, after all.

Coralee Culpepper, (28) the daughter of a neighboring cattle rancher, clings to the past, still wearing her hair in ringlets even though they went out of fashion after the war. She’s fiercely loyal to both her family and to the Lone Star State. That loyalty was called into question when Houston proposed marriage and a move to the Golden State when she was just a girl of sixteen. Although she loved him, she refused his offer in order to honor a promise. Known for her consideration of others, she’s been serving her family and her community ever since. When Houston returns and discovers her closely held secret, she relies on her independent nature, her inner strength and her strong faith to keep her from being hurt all over again.

Davy Crockett Hart, (28) known as “Crockett,” is fifth of the seven brothers. At age 28, he’s a good rancher but also a bit at loose ends. He’s six feet tall, a bit lanky, and has the Hart dark hair and brown eyes. He feels a bit overshadowed by his older brothers and the heroes they all represent. He’s not sure he can ever meet his father’s expectations. He wants to stand out somehow and to make his pa proud. Though he doesn’t think about it much, his desire to stand out leads him to choose bright clothing and a flashy tobiano pinto horse. His drive to excel pushes him and makes him very competitive.

Jane Haymaker (22) is from a very poor family, thanks to her father’s shiftlessness and drinking habit. She’s not married because no man in the county would want to be Boyd Haymaker’s son-in-law. She’s an extremely hard worker on the ranch and looks out for her young brother, Ben, and their widowed father. She wishes she and Ben could escape their father and all the trouble he causes, but she doesn’t know how they could make it away from the ranch. In an ideal world, her brother would go off to college and Jane would marry a nice, diligent young man. But Jane’s world is far from ideal.

Jesse Chisholm Hart, (25) is the second youngest Hart brother. Like his father, he is tall, but at only 6'2" he's a tad short of his father's 6'3" stature. Not measuring up is something Chisholm has always struggled with. When his brother's went off to war, he was only 15, so joining the Texas Rangers was a way to prove himself. An excellent tracker, Chisholm is easy-going, cool-headed, and duty-bound. His dark, wavy hair, blue eyes, and dimpled charm makes it easy for him to win over most people.

Caro Maria Cardova Valenzuela (23) has a wounded heart and fiery temper. After her father was killed fighting in a rebellion, she and her mother fled Mexico and found a home working on the Walking Diamond Ranch. Because of her what happened to her father, she believes men have a false sense of duty that will lead them to leave those they love behind. Caro has had to be tough and can take care of herself. Her words might sting, but her heart is pure gold.

John Coffee Hays Hart (23) is six feet tall with blue eyes and light brown hair. He’s kind, handsome and charming. He’s known as a flirt with the local gals, but it’s all in good fun. He has an easy-going nature and he’s prone to innocent practical jokes. While he uses his humor to cover-up his pain and heartache, he’ll do whatever he can to protect the happiness of the people he loves. The only reason he hasn’t married yet is because he hasn’t fallen in love. When he does, he’ll be as loyal and passionate about her as he is about his family and the Seven Heart Ranch.

Emma Longley (18) is about five-foot-seven inches tall with dark brown hair and pretty green eyes. She is confident, loyal and determined. She’s passionate about education and she loves working with children. As a teacher, she has many goals and dreams, and she values having a purpose and cause in life. While she tends to be serious, she can also have fun and loves that Hays makes her laugh. She’s good at organizing and planning events and hopes to make a difference with her short time in Hartville. She’s never been in love, because she’s never had time to find the right man. When she falls in love, she will take joy in making a happy home.

The Patriarch of the Hart Family: George Washington Hart (66) and known as GW, is the boss, with big vision and a larger-than-life persona. A large man, 6'3" in his socks, with large features, a shock of white hair, and a way of getting other people to play on his team. He loves his sons, but he's not demonstrative with them. He shows his love by doing what he thinks is best for them. Being told by his doctor to slow down and spare his heart is like telling a war horse he is relegated to the back pasture.

Victoria Elizabeth Marshall Hart (deceased) was a nurturer, extremely book-smart, but wise enough not to hen-peck or show up her 'man-of-action' husband. She was petite, dark-haired, and musically inclined. She played the piano, raised flowers, and was the only softness the boys grew up with. She adored her husband, made allowances for his blustery, forceful personality, and gave each of her sons a glimpse of what a good marriage should look like.


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