Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Peek Behind The Scenes #5

Erica Here:

I am so excited! Today, I get to introduce you to the patriarch of the Hart family, George Washington Hart!

Known as GW, Mr. Hart was my creation, and I just love him. He's a tough man of action, a pioneer, a visionary.

And secretly, he's quite sentimental.

The template I used for GW is the character Boss Spearman from Open Range, played by the inimitable Robert Duvall.

Tough, smart, and with a code of honor he lives by, GW is the father of seven sons and the head of a cattle empire. In a family of strong personalities, he's got a will of iron, and he has the respect of his sons and his community.

But there's another side of GW, a softer, more sentimental side. You see, GW is a romantic, but he lost the love of his life. He is a one-woman man, and his heart belongs to his lovely bride Victoria. He keeps her upstairs parlor exactly as it was when she was alive, and he talks to her portrait, which hangs over the fireplace in the dining room, sharing his concerns and pride over their sons, above all wishing she was there to share their lives once more.

Victoria provided the softness and culture her husband and sons needed on the Texas frontier. She was musically inclined, and saw to it that her sons learned manners and how to treat ladies. Each of her sons has a wonderful sense of chivalry and a high regard for the female of the species as a result of her instruction.

GW had a wonderful marriage, and it is both the memory of this relationship and his desire to see the Hart legacy continue that prompts him to issue his New Year's Day ultimatum that all of his sons must marry within the calendar year or be disinherited. 

I had such fun creating GW Hart. I think he fits right into the Hart family. I hope you will love him as much as I do. 

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  1. GW is one tough Texan, but I love that he has that softer side, too. It was that surprising, somewhat hidden aspect of GW's character that came into play in my story and surprises Houston, as well. I like that GW is a bit of a romantic at heart and wants his sons to experience a marriage like the one he and their mother had. He knew his sons needed a boot in the backside to get them moving toward matrimony, and he was willing to apply it.

  2. I absolutely loved the tough but sentimental GW Hart. He only wants the best for his sons and wants them to have what he had with his wife Victoria. I can't say it enough, but this truly has been my favorite book of 2016. The way you all worked together and brought all of the characters to life is just amazing. :)

  3. I loved writing GW's character into my story. He plays a big part in Hays and Emma's happily-ever-after (maybe more so than any other story), and he does it by sharing that softer side of himself. He was a great character, Erica.

  4. The "Marry or be disinherited" trope is often used and I have enjoyed it. I am sure it works well in this book. In many cases where it is used there is a mercenary reason for it. However, GW is a romantic who found the love of his life and knows how wonderful that was. He better than anyone should know it takes time and the right person to find that kind of love and future. To expect all 7 of them to find such a love in just a year is a bit unreasonable. But this is fiction and it makes for good stories. Besides, some guys just need a fire lit under them before they get serious and look for the woman who will give him their HEA. I am looking forward to reading everyone of their stories.

  5. GW is a awesome character. So glad that all of the authors got together for this book. Enjoy, all the Romance Collections.