Thursday, December 29, 2016

Civil War Ties and a Giveaway

Several of the Hart brothers, including Crockett, fought in the Civil War. Crockett doesn’t talk about it much, but he keeps a lot inside about that time.
Battle Flag of the C.S.A., Crockett's allegiance

Here’s a quiz for you about events that happened before and during the Civil War (Answers below):

1.       What New England minister’s daughter wrote a book about slavery that touched millions of hearts and converted many to the antislavery cause?

2.       Richmond, Va., was the second and most permanent capital of the Confederate States of America, and Danville, Va., was the third and last capital—but what city was the first?

3.       Who coordinated donations and volunteers to form an independent nursing corps during the Civil War?

4.       Who was sworn in first as president—Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?

5.       Can you name the two first ladies during the war—North and South?


1.       Harriet Beecher Stowe (Uncle Tom’s Cabin)

2.       Montgomery, Alabama

3.       Clara Barton

4.       Jefferson Davis was sworn in as president of the C.S.A. on Feb. 18, 1861, and Lincoln as president of the U.S.A. on March 4, 1861.

5.      Mary Todd Lincoln in the North, and Varina Howell Davis in the South.
Jefferson and Varina Davis's wedding picture, 1845

I hope you enjoyed this little exercise. Tomorrow we’ll talk about an event that played a major part in my story, the Texas Treasury Robbery.

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  1. What a fun quiz, Susan. I enjoyed trying to come up with the answers. Got about half right.

  2. Thanks, Keli! I learned some things myself, preparing it.

  3. Great quiz! The only question I didn't know the answer to was the first one! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I knew that one, but I'm from New England originally. What surprised me was that Jefferson Davis was sworn in before Lincoln!

  4. I only knew questions one and three for sure. Number two, I knew the state but the city didn't come to mind right away.
    My maiden name is Hamblin, where in the world did you come up with it to use in this book? It's not a terribly common name.


    1. That's easy, Patty! My husband is a Hamblin descendant. His ancestor Isaiah Hamblin went west with the Mormon pioneers. Isaiah's great-granddaughter left the Mormon community and married the sheriff of Nye County, Nevada. (By the way, folks, Patty is referring to my heroine in The Prisoner's Wife, Lucy Hamblin). My husband's family was also distantly connected to Hannibal Hamblin's family.

  5. Enjoyed the quiz. Anything about the Civil War Era is interesting. Have a blessed evening.

  6. Interesting information about the Civil War. Some I knew and some I did not.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  7. It is interesting how very differently people view the Civil War and what came after. For most people in the North it is a part of our country's history that is in the past, over and done. n most cases it is taught with a balance of what principles it was fought for and includes what was done that the Union could not be proud of. For many in the South, it is still being argued and a sort of revisionist history has taken hold. I spoke with an older woman who remembers the KKK when she was a child. She said she couldn't understand why people were upset about it. "It was a wonderful family organization holding picnics and parties for the children." She even displayed group photos, some with the men in their hoods and gowns. She totally ignored or denied the mission and history of the organization.

    1. Wow, Pat! I have to agree--I grew up in New England and moved about 7 years ago to Kentucky. I know it's "the north of the south," and was a border state, but even so, you have to be diplomatic around here when you talk about those times!

    2. I grew up in the Northeast corner of New York, an area that has more in common with Vermont and New Hampshire than much of New York. After 24 years in the military, we retired to Tennessee for the VA hospital in Johnson City. We aren't that far apart. Even though this area was basically a Union supporting area, few will admit it. Of interest, the first abolitionist press in the country was located in our town, Jonesborough.

  8. Fun quiz I've been out of school to long forgot a lot of answers. Will add book to tbr list then maybe I'll remember more

  9. Forgot email addy

  10. The winner of The Prisoner's Wife is pattymh2000. Congratulations, and thank you all!